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Whoa! What if Joy Division’s Ian Curtis had, under the guise of an apparent suicide, instead secretly emigrated to Germany, where, from his secret lair, he continued to develop the dark side of post-punk, incorporating the disturbed pop melodies of the Cure et al, wedding it to crunchy-clear modern production and, after 30 years of gestation, released this hybrid monster on an unsuspecting public to heavy affect. Relentless kraut-drums, haunting synths, jarring guitar riffs, its all there. A skeptical reader may dismiss Horrid Red for its obvious links to its musical forefathers, but rest assured, this music stands on its own. Lovers of the new wave/post-punk genre will not be disappointed by the group’s latest effort, Celestial Joy, or the plethora of previous releases, all quality. Have I mentioned this is sung entirely in German? (!!!) Priceless.

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