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>LISTEN TO: FUGS-Live @ The Psychedelic Supermarket 1968




The FUGS. You know the FUGS! Supergirl singing merry prankster Velvet Underground NYC underground contemporaries. Profanity spewing social satirizing primitivist rock and roll poets on the ESP label. Came upon this live show from 68′ in Boston. This file is originally from: Apparently the Psychedelic Supermarket was a dingy garage-like club off of Kenmore Sq. back in the 60s. Sounds like my kind of place.


1st Set:
01. intro > tuning >
02. crystal liaison
03. sovereign rap
04. river of shit08
05. the garden is open
06. she got a bulltone clit
07. nothing -> zebra puke
08. supergirl

2nd Set:
09 slum goddess
10. war song
11. the fugs salvation radio program > my baby done left me
12. eat me, eat me
13. when a team slurps a team > radio hit > when a team loves a team
14. supergirl (2nd time)

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