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Can I have some more drone please? This is the question that FOLLAKZOID, out of Chile, is answering with their music. Serious Kraut-isms going on here. The droning comes electronically and by way of bass/drums/guitars, and sometimes all of the above. Vocals even appear and disappear, usually ephemerally, throughout the journey amidst these South American’s trance inducing musics. Definitely feeling a Circle(one of Circle’s many vibes that is) vibe on some of the tracks off of their site, and that is only good. Also hearing moments of some Residual Echos-style psychedelia. This band is really hitting the nail on the head for this drone rock fan. Follakzoid is clearly familiar with many of the different strains of droning psych that have ocurred on the planet, and they are using them to create some great friday night around 2am sounds.


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