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As you all well know, we Bostonians typically enjoy our local live music fare with a generous dose of raw, irreverent energy and at brisk tempos. This is due in large part to our hardcore heritage. But, as any casual purveyor of the Whitehaus knows (to name just one popular venue in a veritable sea of awesomeness) there is a place for slower, more contemplative sonic meditations in Boston’s musical landscape, and that place is most definitely expanding.

Fjords, a local ambient drone duo, are at the vanguard, broadening the frontiers one psyche at a time with heavy ominous drones that build and cascade into shimmering astral zones populated by sparse delicate guitar plucks and subtle key shifts. Psych heads with a patient ear will marvel as these tunes gradually unravel into expansive soundscapes painted in cool sombre colors. Like their geological namesakes, the music these fellas produce is apparently narrow and placid on the surface, but extend into mysterious swirling depths. Pick up their latest tape April Fjords off the ever excellent Sonic Meditations label (run by Expo ’70’s Justin Wright). They played a killer set last month with supergroup Rangda and local hunks Major Stars – let’s hope these psychedelic sea creatures return to the surface soon.

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