Comin’ straight out the slums of Somerville, Fat Creeps is two girls on bass and guitar currently accompanied by a rotating series of guest drummers. They play a familar blend of garage pop, full of jangly guitar reverb rhythms, tumbling bare-bone drum beats, and infectious refrains. A jaded listener may write off such a band at a glance as just another lo-fi act cashing in on the Best Coast surf pop trend of 2010.. But this veneer of casual categorization belies a subtleness that makes these chicks stand out from the multitude. Underpinning the garage pop structure is a self-aware, off beat, irreverent and yet touchingly sincere attitude reminiscent of 80’s NY no wave scene. This influence is also reflected in melodies that are catchy yet somehow slightly off-kilter, creating a disturbing yet seductive atmosphere. And with the interplay of those grindin’ on-point bass riffs and blasé vocals, its hard not to feel a little funky fresh.

These cool cats have been killin it lately, with an excellent split with northwest dream droners Golden Retriever. They newest single ‘Nancy Drew’ the prelude to an EP later this year, continues the trend.
Since they have so tantalizing few recordings at the moment, you’ll just have to check these chicks out live THIS WEEKEND with Ava Luna and New Highway Hymnal at Great Scott this Sunday, April 22nd (a Dreamhouse Collective show) or else at PA’s Lounge the following Friday. A good time no doubt.

Oh, and all you aspiring female beantown drummers out there, give these girls a call, they need some fresh blood.

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