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FOF is some at times desperate sounding, and generally pounding downer rock out of Philly. SILTBREEZE has released a record for them called PURE & DISINTERESTED. This stuff is almost bleak sounding, but never gets bogged down in it. Often bummer rock forgets to rock, or can’t, or never knew how to, but Far-Out Fangtooth completely sidestep these issues by rocking and wailing, thus avoiding a potential bummer of a situation. “Woe” is a pounding jammer, with mean loud guitars playing simple riffs. “Red Hawk Desert” continues with the heavy psych rock stomp and features some really great riffage. I want to get my woman and dance to this shit. Very cool, dare I say it groove laden rock, and they’re only down in Philly. Hopefully we can get them up here sooner than later.


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