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FACTORYMEN have a new release on RICHIE RECORDS. It is called YELLOW EYES & THE SOUND OF VOMIT. I’ve only been able to get a hold of 2 tracks off said record(see below) and they both live up to the album’s title. This is some glorious, fried dumpster pop man. “Wallow and Swallow” emits piss yellow vibes as the vocals swirl down the hole toward the sewers. Nasty guitar leads lay down atop the queasy riff. Poetry in garbage pop. “S E C” features a droning riff, plodding drums, broken china being shaken, and nasally whining vocals. Then it up and ends in the fuzz overflow from which it was originally conceived. This is awesome, nearly danceable weird pop and I kind of need to hear the rest of the record! This comes from one of the dudes in the Homostupids but is better than anything I’ve heard that band put out.

 Wallow And Swallow by FACTORYMEN by TestosterTunes

 S E C by FACTORYMEN by TestosterTunes 

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