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>LISTEN TO: EYEHATEGOD / GO TO: 2/20 EYEHATEGOD @ Club Lido w/ Misery Index, Panzer Bastard



Do you even need an introduction for the feedback-stained, puke
encrusted, bus-fumes-asphyxiating, brain-pulverizing, nihilistic New
Orleans filth squad that is EYEHATEGOD?

It’s 2011 and EHG are still burning bright in their 23rd year, riding
a fresh wave of activity that began a couple years ago after a long
(and not uneventful, nor painful) dry spell. Judging from the three
times we personally witnessed them in the northeast in 2009-2010, they
are as punishing as they ever have been, more willing to bulldoze
audiences than they have ever been, and keeping their self-abuse and
legal snare-ups to a manageable enough level to bring the jams to
masochistic fans outside Louisiana’s borders on a repeated basis.

It’s lovely that they are in top form again… so… for all dorks who
missed out on their most recent appearances in the Boston area, you
have no excuse except not to sleep this weekend when they come to
Revere, accompanied by razor-tight death/grind champs Misery Index,
MA’s metal/punk dregs Panzerbastard, Seth Putnam’s scumbag sludge
project Full Blown AIDS, and some local abrasive metal/hardcore from

For the uninitiated, go revel in a fresh dose of the quality wares
that Williams, Bower, and co. have always slung: bleak, harsh,
nihilistic, down-tuned swamp hardcore blues sludge!

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