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>LISTEN TO: DOOMSTAR(playing the BOSTON UNDERGROUND SUMMIT III)/ GO TO: TONIGHT!!! 2/10 Deerhoof + Doomstar @ the Middle East Downstairs



Doomstar is a band that stands poised at the nexus of punk, psych, and various indie rocks(Dinosaur Jr. often being mentioned in their vicinity). Insanely full of energy and great songwriters ALSO these guys are the type of band that reminds you of why “rock” music, of why guitar/bass/drums, can still be so exciting. Doomstar has been on a serious trajectory skyward over the past couple of years, and that’s exactly where I’m sure they want to be heading. Bands that can fully rile you up and then take you to a serioulsy psychedelic place within a few minutes are a rare breed indeed. A power trio who can work melody, speed, and soundscapes when necessary. Yup. Catch them @ the BOSTON UNDERGROUND SUMMIT III on 2/12, AND tonight @ the Middle East Downstairs opening for Deerhoof, who I haven’t seen in years, but man are they a great band if you like post-punk, interesting use of the human voice, and wild guitar playing and drumming. We’ll get to them another day…




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