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Diva is the Whitney Houston of the ambient, experimental scene. This girl’s legal name is Diva Dompe, she wears more extravagant makeup than anyone on VH1’s Diva’s Live and her music rules. On the surface, it’s afro-drone/sparkle-gaze, but the layers that form on each track are mesmerizing. The aptly titled “Highest Cloud” is a warped disco romp with stringy vibrations and glittery synth, and looking closer, it’s a pre-Tusk basement recording sent to the future. “Andromeda’s Lullaby” takes cues from Jon Hassell, morphing static into melody. Other themes on the album are minimal gamelan bells, laser beams and field recordings of the rainforest, and the entire album showcases Diva’s breathy soprano. Diva strongly suggests you listen to this, and I would totally listen to her if I were you. 

by Alison Kozol


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