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Lee from Burger Records convinced me to buy the last Davila 666 cassette he had on him. He told me I’d made a really good choice. Dubious but intrigued, I pocketed the cassette and let it sit in my bag .At the end of the night, during the cab ride home, I asked the cab driver to pop the cassette in. Surprisingly, he obliged. When he pressed play, I think it’d be safe to say that my life changed. In some small, fractional way, it really did change. The cassette began with a deep howl (appropriately enough as the opening track is called “El Lobo,” which translates to “The Wolf”) and it’s bray continued on til the very end with utter rock n’ roll madness. The band offset their ability to hammer out intense jams about getting fucked up and partying with the sweet and endearing “Tu.” Though these Puerto Rican homies howl and croon in a different language, it’s easy to decipher the immense potential and skill these kids have. Check them out!

by Sonam Parikh


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