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Well bless our lucky stars! Fantastic 5-piece outta Brooklyn Cloud Becomes Your Hand is here to rearrange your brain patterns with splashy sonic wonderment. Simultaneously melodious, extra-rhythmic, dense, and avant-freako weird-out insanity, the music ranges from virtuosic to primal and everything in between – The ensemble of guitar, vocals, drums, synth, violin and midi marimba wrap the jumble into an eclectic christmas present which at times recalls Zappa, The Residents, and Andre Popp, just to name a phew. All this blended with that DIY thrown-togetherness that we all know and love. Last time I saw ’em I had to go home and soak my ears in chamomile tea for a coupla hours. Maybe the link below will explain it better. Essentially, Cloud Becomes Your Hand is what happens when Stephen Cooper (gtr, vox) and four other intelligent-ass motherfuckers get together in a poorly lit room to tell jokes, smoke butts, eat sandwiches and make new music for weirdos like you and me to enjoy. CBYH has been friendship with us in Boston for awhile now – we really love them. Look for these boys on their upcoming tour, part of which they will spend straight chilllllllin’ with Boston’s own friendship group Guerilla Toss! Check their April TORE FB thang


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