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Home to so many loud and ugly orphans, LOAD RECORDS gives to us yet another loathsome slab of decibel crush. The orphan in this case is Brian Chippendale, he of LIGHTNING BOLT and Providence, RI. The slab comes courtesy of his solo beast BLACK PUS. The record is called PRIMORDIAL PUS and it’s Black Pus’ 8th release at least. The noise continues with this effort, but as always there is a heavy rhythmic pulse, dots and drips of melody, and loads of sonic sludge coming from it would seem digital, analog and organic sources. This record comes at you with a bunch of different feels and I think that is a big part of its easy enjoyability(especially considering the harshness it attains at times). “Cave of Butterfly” is a stomp, a real deal relentless basher. The vocals are of course affected as they push against the beat giving this jam a killer herk/jerk as some unknown industrial sound grinds beneath it.  “Beneath The Wheel” puts some horrendously distorted drums up front and allows the weird echo vocals to dance around wildly, seemingly from miles off in the distance. The drum onslaught is relentless eventually building to a change in chug, but never a let up in the song’s propulsiveness. “Wild West” feels almost dubby. Martial drums lean back here as those unintelligible vocals fight off a jagged bass attack, slowly becoming intertwined with some witch-y sample. We leave this recording with a psychedelic sludge rock film upon us, and it is an interesting sensation and I like it. Totally awesome filth for the parties at the noise guy’s house.


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