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Scuzzed up and out jangly garage rock from this posse of probable weirdos from Bloomington, IN. They bear influence markings of the wildmen of the defunct JOHN WILKES BOOZE, also of Bloomington(some connection is likely). This is real deal garage pop rock right here. There’s no hiding behind fuzz for these guys(not that there’s a lack of fuzz), no! The 60s ooze out of their tunes, yet there’s nothing throw back about this. The singer is a big part of the effect here, not lacking confidence, but sounding as if his more aggressive band mates forced him to sing the awesome poetry he’d been writing, and he’s just coming into the idea fully for himself. These guys have a self titled full length out on FAMILY VINEYARD. Standout track on that is “Nothing In My Head”,  a real stomper with baritone sax and keyboards providing a sweet rhythmic hook for our somewhat detached front man to hang his alienated words on. If these guys had been around in the 60s they would have been famous at one bar that no one went to. And only the bartender at that bar would have cared when they stopped playing there, and that would only have been because he was excited about perhaps getting a band in there that could maybe draw some kind of crowd. But now it’s the 2010s and, well, I just don’t know…anyway, these guys also have a new single out on TROUBLE IN MIND. Go forth.


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