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>LISTEN TO: AFCGT(A-Frames + Climax Golden Twins)



Another Seattle band tickling the old B.O.W. fancy! A-Frames are well known for noisy noisy post-punk raging, Climax Golden Twins for droning sound experiments. But this! This band produces slab after slab after slab of hissing droning noisy glop all with a keen eye on keeping the groove alive and well. I’ll tell you what. This band is doing exactly what I want more noisy sloppy bands to do: they are keeping the beat alive my friends. “Headless” sounds like a marijuana and ecstacy party where everyone is required to indulge heavily in both, and everyone does, and it’s approximately 4:30 in the morning and the blinds have been pulled and no one knows where they are. These guys have records out, even on Sub Pop! And that rules. “Light Bulb” is based around a seriously ill off-kilter beat and features this just amazing Flower Travelling Band sounding guitar solo that winds throughout. This is kind of like slowed down more melodic Lighning Bolt maybe? So fuzzy, so filthy, so so good. So happy to be listening to this band right now.


AFCGT – Headless Live

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