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Lidly x GoYama – Blue Magic Tapes


I was looking for something a little bit serene, a little bit hip hop, something new I could sink my teeth into. BOYYYYY did I find it. Check out the new tape from two really exciting electronic producers. It’s a truly shared effort – the album alternates between beats each have made on their own and 3 where the two have actually produced something together.

If I had to describe the sound hmmmm… well Go Yama and Lidly have overlapping ideas but really wildly different styles. What do they share in common? A lot of wobbly synthesizers and dusty old samples. Bass like racecars. A certain lofi hip hop aesthetic that is equally good to dance to or to use recreationally as a study aid or a relaxation tool. But the two do differ in a lot of ways. Lidly’s tracks air on the side of the tropical, bright and relaxing with more of a taste for ambience and found sounds. There’s a certain smoothness to a song like “Sway” which is perfectly happy to pump gently and twinkle for three minutes. GoYama is a little bit more gripping – a little less gentle with rhythm and finding inspiration in simpler, colder, more dramatic sounds. But I think the real highlights, the strongest moments, are ones when they are working together. “Sunday Smoke” is an example of some of the more ambient and textural approaches meeting with a little bit more percussion and aggression. Its pure bliss! It’s exactly what we’ve been needing all this time!!

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