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Leya/ Eartheater – Angel Lust


NYC experimental musicians LEYA, comprised of harpist Marilu Donovan & vocalist/ violinist Adam Markiewicz, and Eartheater, the solo project of Alexandra Drewchin, collaborate on a masterful EP, Angel Lust out now on PAN records.

This album ought not slip under the radar because not only are these some of the raddest musicians making music in the NYC experimental scene, but also because Angel Lust is a monument to our warped time here on what we call planet earth. The harp and the sonic reverberations are like something out of an epic movie that both harkens back to thousands of years in the past, but also can look thousands of years into the future. Due to LEYA’s ‘classical’ approach to music and Eartheater’s, what some would call, futuristic approach to music, this EP is truly one of a kind.

Though you may not even expect the musicians to pair well together, you would be wrong. I have been coming back time and again to this EP since late December when it was released and I would only dream to see this EP performed live. To quote my friend Kendra after seeing LEYA live this past summer, ‘I cried. I was on my period, but I cried.’ I almost cried too, but I also almost had an out of body experience watching them. A live performance by LEYA is powerful stuff. If you have a chance to see them after this whole Pandemic thing is over, I recommend. In the meantime, LEYA released Flood Dream on NNA Tapes earlier this month also.


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