Lewis M — “7:30am (I’m Out)”


Lewis M is one of the most prolific rappers/beatmakers on the Boston scene right now. His Bandcamp page, chock-full of mini digital albums and collaged instrumentals, shows the depth of M’s arsenal. Pretty much pumping them out every other month since October 2010, M isn’t messing around. In his March 2015 single release, “7:30am (I’m Out),” Lewis is politically hell-bent, drawing inspiration from his time as a student at MassArt. Young, raging, and a proponent for change, Lewis lends his activist voice to the “race debate,” urging listeners to get informed and get angry.

“7:30” starts with an audio clip of an irate woman screaming at a black man, presumably Lewis, calling him a “filthy nigger.” When prodded for confirmation, in case perhaps he’d misheard her, she goes out of her way to answer in the affirmative. This bizarre and awful transaction between these two individuals is nothing new but, when isolated to a bit clip, will churn your stomach and burn your ears. Why does such hate exist? Lewis aims to expose it, call it out, and make people realize that despite our politically correct society, racism is still a thing—it’s better disguised and institutional, but it’s still there. Lewis has dubbed this “#thatnewviolence.”

M’s slow-jam beats intersect with the brash tone of his lyrics, creating an effective contrast. The delivery, spat out, has the steady rhythm of poetry slams, which makes sense because of his ties to Providence (a town big on its poetry slams). His latest album, “Ampersand: The Instrumentals,” was released just this past July and is also available on his Bandcamp page at an incredible “name your own price.” By the time you’ve finished reading this article, Lewis will have already put out another album. Lewis has a lot to say, he’s willing to fight for you, and the least you can do is take a listen.

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