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Leopard Print Taser stuns (*ba dum tsssss*) with their debut s/t EP released last month. Bad jokes aside, the Somerville indie rockers are bringing a strikingly fresh sound to Boston’s scene, combining classic indie influences with intoxicating hooks and just the right amount of grit.

“Deity” opens the four-track EP, immediately leaving a powerful impression. From the forceful, impassioned vocals of lead singer Leila Bower to the criminally kickass chorus, “Deity” is nothing short of the perfect indie punk tune (and a song certainly worthy of its own glowing review). Just look to that moment coming out of the subdued bridge where Bower’s vocals rip through the quietude and carry the track to its climactic end for proof. Or to the chorus (try to resist screaming along with it—spoiler: not possible). If we’re being honest, the whole track proves that Leopard Print Taser has a lot to deliver with this EP, and boy, they do not disappoint.

Case and point: “Losing.” Bower cries in the chorus “I might be losing it,” and with the song itself balancing on the brink of insanity, it’s believable. The start and stop sound of the verses into the explosive choruses keep you on edge: comfortably uncomfortable, if you will.

The song moves seamlessly into “Skin,” a comparatively delicate tune. Guitars constantly shift from stark and jangly to heavy and full; the juxtaposition offers a simple way to format the song that serves to highlight the reflective lyricism.

“To You” closes the EP on an intense note. Driving instrumentation coupled with Bower’s consistently noteworthy vocals is striking. And by the last ringing note, you’re left with a new taste for Leopard Print Taser’s unique strain of indie rock.

Catch Leopard Print Taser at O’Brien’s this week and at Hassle Fest 9 this November.

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