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I always struggle to find a way to describe a band’s sound without sounding like an asshole or unnecessarily comparing them to another band, which is why I feel lucky that I can just take The Lemons’ pretty accurate self-description from their Facebook page: “Not too fast, but still kinda rockin.”

The Lemons err more on the side of lemon drops than straight citrus, if that makes any sense– their music is mostly sweet and tuneful pop candy with just the slightest tang of rock ‘n’ roll (check out the rockin’ first couple of bars of “Elephant”) to keep things interesting. And you’ll find an occasional surf lick, like the one in “Kool Aid Box”, lurking here and there as well. Youthful and cheery unison male-female vocals, jingly guitars, and light-hearted lyrics make Hello, We’re The Lemons a good candidate for a summer sing-along cassette.

Note to Burger Records fanbabes and fanboys: you should definitely give The Lemons a taste.

Here’s my only complaint: these songs are too short. “Ice Cream Shop” is my favorite song on this album– it’s catchy as hell, upbeat, and it’s about ice cream– but it’s 27 seconds long. In fact, the longest song here is a minute and a half. I hope The Lemons feature longer versions of these songs on future releases, since it’d be fun to hear them in a more developed form.

Stream it below, then get the tape from Gnar. AND don’t forget to check them out live in Boston with label buds THE MEMORIES on May 31!

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