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Everyone out there should be listening to Tokyo’s Legion Of Andromeda. Following up their demo from 2013, Legion Of Andromeda have just released their debut album, Iron Scorn, out in the US on Unholy Anarchy Records and in the UK on At War With False Noise – and also available on CD from Crucial Blast. The duo creates a distinctive blend of industrial and primitive death metal that becomes a sludgy assault of pure concentrated hate. Monotonous drum machine beats, low muddy guitar, and vocals that sound like they’d fit on a goregrind release almost as often as they sound like death metal growls combine to make this misanthropic slab as immersive as it is extreme. Iron Scorn is a record that gains strength through its repetitiveness. The vocals disintegrate, delay often melding them into the guitar. The drum machine pounds on. The solo-less guitar churns away. It is eviscerating. It is hypnotic. Steve Albini’s production also aids in creating something that is at once massive sounding, yet at the same time utterly disgusting. The result is something between Streetcleaner-era Godflesh and the shit-fi outsider death metal of Hellhouse.

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