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Superdrag are a band that you may remember if you grew up in the early to mid-90s for that song with that insanely catchy chorus. “Sucked Out” is a power-pop gem, though not very representative of the rest of Superdrag’s stellar Regretfully Yours. Their ’96 major label debut was indeed a power-pop record, albeit one that fostered a distinct hazy MBV-inspired guitar sound that was both referential and unique. It is still one of my favorite records of all time.

Frontman John Davis and guitarist Brandon Fischer fully embrace the wall-of-guitars and whammy bars in their new band The Lees of Memory, immediately throwing the listener into a thick haze of sound. “We Are Siamese” blankets with tone-bended guitars and buzzy synths until Davis comes in confidently and calmly crooning over the beautiful pillow-y soundscape. Acoustic guitar and piano add to the narcotic atmosphere. “Open Your Arms” is brighter and more assertive, all shining harmonies and woozy guitars, very much reminiscent of Superdrag. I’m in heaven.

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