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Leechwife – Goat Milk

A Cathedral Of Catharsis


Who/What is this?: 

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio is Lilith Yoko Grace, self-described as trans-dimensional post-punk/microtonal electro-sludge comes one of the most intense projects that has gracefully ripped through my ears. 

Where should I listen to this?: 

Locally: The abandoned bear cages in Franklin Park while the pure chaos consumes your soul in the most merciful way possible. 

Anywhere-ly: In a warehouse with lots of running space and maybe a couch to crash on.

Realistically: In your car/ public transit


When should I listen to this?: 

 You should’ve listened to this last thursday but I guess tomorrow night from 2:00-3AM works well. 


How should I listen to this?:

Oh I wish: Hooked up to a speaker in your local church/cathedral-like setting

Realistically: On your walkman/computer with headphones of your choice. 




Because this tape provides an otherworldly experience to whoever lays a hand (or ear) onto it. No matter your music preference,what frequencies you like to hear, don’t like to hear or neither this will be a trip. So plug in your speakers or aux and explore.

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