LEATHER DADDY are a newer Boston punk band, that committed a demo to tape in late 2013, and shame on me for not getting my ears full of their tunes sooner. Their DEMO TAPE is four songs of snotty as hell punk rock meets hardcore, that is as simple as it is awesome. The chord progression as riff mid-tempo lurch that these four women set into motion across these four songs already sounds a bit classic. “Get Out” sounds like an early track by THE TROUBLE and then the guitar drops off, giving way to the rumbling bass line. And the singer Lauren’s vocals? She knows how to ricochet her attitudinal yelps just so off of the simple, but solid as fuck grind of the band. Every time the band turns it around for a chorus or whatever, it feels like her vocals go flying off in the other direction. And I love it. Only four songs (all awesome though) I know, but this is the best Boston whatever hardcore/punk demo I’ve heard since whatever the last best one was (but that wasn’t very recently. this is really really good.). LEATHER DADDY plays @ SMASH IT DEAD FEST which happens this weekend. See them there and see them often. One of the better and strangely fitting punk band names names I’ve seen in a minute also. Some of the members are still in high school, which is awesome. A second demo is available here from TWERP RECORDS.

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