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Krill – Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts into Tears


This is not Pile – this is Krill – it is just about Pile –kind of. Deviously disguised as a Pile-worship concept album, this EP contains some seriously introspective and compelling tunes. That is the genius of Krill, as they have mastered the art of creating songs that are both utterly silly and tremendously thoughtful all at once. If you question that genius, just listen to “Turd”, which aptly compares feelings of confused stagnation and indecision to being an eternally un-flushable piece of poop. The inability to commit is a relatable notion, making this a genuinely meaningful song about poo. None of these songs take themselves too seriously, filled with odd humor and dog imagery and other Krill-isms, but they also have an interesting dysfunctional edge, lyrically capturing a lot of doubt and existential panic even at their most upbeat.

The release can’t be pinned into one genre, dipping into garage and punk and pop and rock, and the result is a perfect medley of bursting aggressive energy and mellow jangly interludes. Krill continues to share their distinctive sound, driven by singer/bass player Jonah Furman’s intriguing strained, crooked vocals, the choppy, grungy guitar style of Aaron Ratoff, and the grounding stomping drums provided by Ian Becker. This release is as clever instrumentally as it is lyrically, and if Krill continues to create more of these addictive forlorn anthems, some band is sure to be inspired to fail to write a concept album about them too.

So if you like casual grungy tunes or melancholy poop songs or you are just a whale that ended up in the wrong place, this EP is what you should be listening to. It is coming out where many cool things come out, on Exploding In Sound Records, and can be pre-ordered in digital form or on some fancy black and white vinyl.

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