Know Yr Boston History

Know Yr Boston History- We Don’t Knock


“We Don’t Knock” was a late night show on TV-38 in Boston, hosted by Dana Hersey, later of “Movie Loft” fame. Basically, it’s a “man-on-the-street”, candid interview type show, where Dana accosted the citizens of Boston and asked them about stuff. This is a particular gem because Dana sets his coordinates for the heart of Kenmore Square, revealing and exposing the day-to-day (night-to-night?) workings of a then thriving and oddball hot-spot in the city. He goes the the Rat, namely, and though it’s not a wacko punk show, it’s still an entertaining slice-o-life.  Also, the “Larry” segment is a bit misplaced, poorly acted and edited, but also thoroughly entertaining.

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