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The guys from SPINAL TAP once quipped that there is a fine line between stupid and clever. I’m not so sure that’s actually true. Pop culture has a long history of weirdos who leave people wondering “is this guy a genius or an idiot”? Look at IGGY POP during his STOOGES days, or the RAMONES and NY DOLLS after that. Look at pretty much any decent gangsta rap ever. Watch a John Waters movie. Sometimes, the line between stupid and clever is very very blurry.

WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? seem to be on a mission to obliterate that line altogether. Are they a parody? Absolutely not. Are they completely serious? If you have to ask, you’re missing the point. Are they fun as hell? You betcha. The group adhere closely to the style and sound of UK ’82, but really remind me more of the mid-90s when bands like THE CASUALTIES, THE DISCOCKS and TOM AND BOOT BOYS were releasing absolutely ridiculous (but ridiculously good) pogo punk records for labels like Tribal War and Helen of Oi!

Beerstorm Trooper, the followup to the band’s debut album, picks up pretty much right where that one left off: three new songs and one re-recorded favorite in which vocalist and noted UFOlogist Chris Pittman ruminates on the important things in life: beer, glue, studs, spikes, not having a job and not giving a shit. It’s loud, the distortion is mind-numbing and there are plenty of singalongs. In other words it’s basically a perfect, almost archetypal punk record. So bust out your stash of fireworks, double stud that jacket, pick up a case of 40s and let chaos commence!

Beerstorm Trooper E.P. is available now from Headcount Records. WKSJ? just wrapped up a US tour

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