It’s tough not to feel the KFW love around here. We’ve covered his recent excursions down memory lane and his Shelter split with Floris Van Hoof in the last year. Now, coming off the exciting announcement that he is making an appearance at the upcoming NE Underground Music Fest (!!!!), we might want to shift the focus slightly to Mr. Whitman’s live illuminations.

Thankfully, the man documents his performances well. His Soundcloud was recently updated to feature three “Recent Lives”, one of which was the highlight of PAN_ACT’s Boston visit to the Goethe-Institut. All bear witness to the limits of control, the interaction between a modular system and its revealer. Whitman, in a dialogue with fellow explorer Eli Keszler, commented that the music we are hearing is “essentially eternal” and is made “‘significant’ simply due to the fact that people are listening to it.”

This is all to say, go see Keith Fullerton Whitman. Sure, he might reveal a piece of the eternal rhythm that pulses through our mechanical lives. But it is a physically unique and thrilling experience. He looms, like the puppetmaster he hints at becoming, and exposes something we might never have heard otherwise. As an audience member, it’s a lot to take in; think of these “Recent Lives” as the prep work.

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