I don’t need to explain who KAL MARKS is here; the trio has become a fixture of the Boston music scene with their unique sound full of heavy rhythms, chaotic crescendos and brilliant song writing. They just released their latest EP, JUST A LONELY FART, out now on EXPLODING IN SOUND Records and it is heavy. And not just in droning guitar chords and crashing percussion. Just like last year’s “Life is Murder,” these guys enjoy reveling in the negative, cultivating a slightly “doom and gloom” aesthetic that tips down toward the all-consuming spiral of existential dread. But in the best way possible.

“Just A Lonely Fart” is a fast three songs that swirl around you in a haze of pounding drum and base, technical guitar squeals and frontman Carl Shane’s voice morphing into a haunted, etherial howl. There is a lot happening here for just three dudes, but also a lot of space in these songs – little pockets in between all the beautifully-disordered noise and talented arranging that let you crawl in as if a secret hideaway to watch the music swirl around you. These guys know how to synch together, building a song like its a physical thing, and it makes for a powerful effect. Though they take their time with each track, playing up and around each other, until they all join force in an instrumental aggression. It’s cathartic to be dragged along with their pure energy, every song an emotional and melodious release. If only it weren’t over so quickly.

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