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JUSTIN MARC LLOYD – “I’m Sorry For The Thoughts Assigned To My Name” & “Perimeter Scan With Faulty The-World-Is-Shit Filter”


Here’s some freakin’ weirdness. The pure madness here makes me think in every good way of our own ARKM FOAM, as the musique concrete meets diy electronics meets anything goes electro-acoustic vibes are PURE FOAM. JUSTIN MARC LLOYD is gonna get you weird. Otherwise known as PREGNANT SPORE (and other things) this insanity laced, dangerously prolific resident of Chicago is a master of a vast array of tweaked sound approaches that I am personally very happy he chooses to put to tape. And that putting music to tape process I’m talking about? He does it a lot. Just scanning the discogs of only his real name and aforementioned alias yields 6 releases in 2014. When you do something that much, this is what happens. You get good at it!! Anyway, today is about JML’s I’M SORRY FOR THE THOUGHTS ASSIGNED TO MY NAME cassette on the WASTED CAPITAL SINCE 2013 label (out of the UK and a sub-label of the awesome HIDEOUS REPLICA which puts on shows in London, like we do in Boston, but also puts out tapes and other forms of recorded sound (if you’re interested in helping start a BOSTON HASSLE related label please do let me know). All I have is the two tracks listed in the title to comment on, but both are incredible and a sure indicator  (as are the multitude of interesting sounds you can hear coming out of this guy’s brain and bursting, flaming into reality on a constant basis) of the awesomeness contained in the rest of this cassette.

Ok, the title track. “I’m Sorry For The Thoughts Assigned To My Name” is an industrial thumping ball of crud, gaining momentum as it oozes, and filled with the kind of personality filled vocal dementia and performance that honestly I feel like I rarely hear in “noise” music. Justin himself claims on his personal/ label/ distro’s website (RAINBOW BRIDGE it is called, and it is a bit of a rabbit hole (which makes a lot of sense.)) that his distro among other genres dispenses, “Avant-garde and experimental sounds and sights. That includes what you kids call “noise.”” And I think I feel what he’s saying here; that this (including his) music comes from a dense, and complicated history of adventurers in sound. And while it may have been born of an academic and high minded world, it is not OF such a place strictly. Rather, this is simply a corner of the music universe where one can work, and where many have, and we should not let genre names and generational-ly separated similar takes on approach and spirit in the making of music (and indeed art period) get in the way of sharing art with all of those people on this earth, whomever, wherever, however that would enjoy/ feel/ have interest in it. Anyway, the track is the kind of “noise” that BECK used to make (before he was famous and an overt Scientologist) only way nastier in beat and darker in execution.

“Perimeter Scan With Faulty The-World-Is-Shit Filter” is just wild. Crackling, minimal static becomes a buzzing, explosion of scarred sound sending bits of siren, hellishly high feedback tones, chirps, and a bubbling variety of drum machine, synth, and sampled shrapnel flying direct into your canal de l’oreille. There is a connected-ness, and flow to the seemingly free form sounds created by JUSTIN MARC LLOYD that makes these medium scale what I might generally call “noise excursions”, something more than simply THAT. I don’t want to call them songs per se, but they kind of are, OK I’ll just say: pieces, of music. I would guess not improv, but I don’t know for sure.

Really feeling this stuff. Head out to Boston man, let’s have a show. Check out this guy’s million other releases.

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