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Interview with Juana Baez and the Works of Art

Educating and Helping Artists Succeed


Speaking with Juana Baez, the founder of The Works of Art, was invigorating for a fellow art-appreciator. Juana is a true visionary- seeing the talent and growth currently taking place in Boston. Using her legal background, she has embarked on a personal mission to help artists further their careers. There is so much compassion in her heart that shines through as she enthusiastically talks about art, music, and community.

BH: What’s your own personal relationship to Boston?

Juana: I was born in the Dominican Republic, but I moved to Boston at a very young age, I want to say eleven or so. I have received all my schooling here from middle school to graduate school. After graduating undergrad I worked for a few years and then returned to school to obtain my Juris Doctorate degree, so Boston is definitely my second home.

BH: How did you find yourself in the art and music world?

Juana: I’ve always appreciated the arts with music being at the forefront of this love. As a native Spanish speaker, I used music to learn words. I would sit in my room for hours and listen to all genres of music, albeit I did not understand what was being said. In some cases, I would write down the words and look them up in a dictionary that was gifted to me by one of my middle school teachers. I believe that it was this part of my life that nurtured my love for all things music. As a result of this interest, I decided to launch The Works of Art (“The Works” for short), earlier this year.

BH: What is your impression of the Boston arts community so far?

Juana: I think I’m coming in at a time when there’s a lot of change happening. There are a lot of discussions around growth, support, and collaboration, so I believe this is a great time for the artists and the art administrator community in Boston.

BH: What is something about arts in Boston that you want to change?

Juana: I think in the near future, for me at least, it’s education. I believe artists should be equipped with knowledge on the business side of the arts. Sometimes artists are so immersed in their work, and whether you’re in a studio recording, painting, or putting together amazing pieces, there’s a whole aspect of the arts that should be in your purview at all time. I want to help artists with that.

BH: It seems like you are a real advocate for artists and musicians!

Juana: Yes, and my hope to develop The Works of Art to help artists that see use in these services as their careers grow.

Juana Baez recently helped Birdland Avenue (pictured above) for their album release party

BH: Tell me about some of the artists you’ve worked with so far! How was it?

Juana: I just recently worked with a band called Birdland Avenue. The band released their first album in November. The experience was really rewarding because I myself learned a lot in the process. I’ve also done some contract review work for some Boston based artists.

BH: Do you have a message for Boston artists?

Juana: My message to all artists is- WE VALUE YOUR ART! Protecting your business by ensuring that your matters are taken care of should be a part of your process, and I hope that they consider The Works of Art whenever the time is right.

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