JOSS — “Orange Object”


Put down your nudie mag, zine, or freakin’ NY Times and get out there and see JOSS. See, JOSS is one of the most exciting electronic and/or post-punk performers I’ve seen ooze from the undergound here in Boston in some time. Check the SoundCloud for more JOSS, and more varied experimental and pop intersections. There’s clearly a learned background in music there somewhere, but the straight path was diverged from at some point, and now there is simply JOSS.

I caught a JOSS set at Out of the Blue Gallery a ways back, and the gathered crowd freaked on out. Including me. It was a party atmosphere, the gathered freakery fixating on the icy but not unfriendly (more mysterious) JOSS slightly moving as synths, beats, and all manner of electronic deception ping-ponged from the PA speakers all around the room. It was spontaneous celebration. We were brought together via the JOSS elixir, a kind of thing I haven’t heard in these parts since at least UV PROTECTION. Kraut vibes for sure, in a KRAFTWERK manner and thus those that came later like ASMUS TIETCHENS, BAL PARE, LES GEORGES LENINGRAD, etc. I was smitten with JOSS’s music on this evening, and “Orange Object” was one of the tracks that I heard that night. Never-ceasing drum pattern, singer making a cameo, something about an “orange object.” And then there are the multiple synths that exist to try to pry you away from the conveyor belt of a song that JOSS has created here. Whether they do or not is up to you. It might have something to do with how much time you have logged playing RC PRO AM for the NES. I have given days of my life to the game, all told, so that’s where I am at. Fun and noisy experimental pop. So great. And where, friend, are you at? As I have stated previously, the answer should probably be, “Wherever JOSS happens to be.” And if that is not your answer, well then, Pilgrim, you’re doing something wrong. Can’t wait to hear more JOSS!

JOSS plays @ GRASS STAINS: Jamaica Pond on Sturday (tomorrow) 6/27!!!

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