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Jordonna — “Mad Dog”


Entering a desecrated (most likely defecated in) sanctuary, Brooklyn-based rapper-producer-artist of who’s identity I’m actually unsure (do we assume they are playing the priest in the video?) leads us through their version of worship. The “Mad Dog” video, filmed in a single shot, allows for sweeping views of the environment which is full of both installed and inherited artistic details— the question, however, is if there is an intentional correlation or is the scene merely a provocative background. The plot creates some confusion, first following a mysteriously stylish women, then focusing on the priest and a contemporary Lurch character on the organ, ending with a Wednesday-Addams-esque-character being baptized. There is a fine line between using the religious imagery as meaningful, additive symbols rather than Madonna-style-contrived-blasphemy. Of course, blasphemy has it’s necessary place in art, however iconoclasm can be a lazy parallel, especially when the lyrics seem to be much about his “work hard play hard” philosophy. Is Jordonna a Christ figure? Is this about the occult feeling of weekend hedonism? Is this about his relationship with his estranged Aunt Ruth? The rapping is a Zebra Katz style drawl, but where Katz lets the silences marinade with dark intensity, Jordonna fills in the spaces with an amorphous cloud of metallic electronics. The track comes from Jordonna’s debut release, The Wallet, which when separated from the imagery proves to be a much more natural feeling experience. Something to take note of, however, around 2:40 you can see visible clouds of breath revealing how cold it must have been to film this video, and that has left the largest impression on me. I’m not dismissing the video, but the artistic choices are noncommittal. Is this the experience you have? Maybe the best way to go about this is through dialogue so please leave a comment about what you think of the video.

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