Jonstar – Digital Crystal


Digital Crystal, by the Boston-based Jonstar, is less than twenty minutes long, but what it lacks in quantity is abundantly made up for in quality. Each glitchy electronica track is packed with sounds, and though they often subvert mainstay-techniques of EDM or house, they are used in an unconventional yet familiar way. “Gem Goddess” is a great example of this. Though this track has clear “build-up” sections and four-on-the-floor bass kicks, they aren’t used in obvious ways. Jonstar uses these techniques to showcase some of my favorite contrasting elements of the album – the plucky or otherwise ethereal synths, glitchy (nearly wonky) percussion, and rapid reincorporation of affected synth lines. “Food Truck” similarly does this, and stands out to me as the highlight of Digital Crystal.

This release is wonderfully put together – it maintains a balance between club music and outright fun, not unlike stuff by Orange Milk Records artists and “big” name UK producers like Iglooghost and Clarence Clarity. Link below!

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