2017 Year Enders

Joe Bastardo’s 2017 Retrospective


Everyone knows it’s basically impossible to quantify a year of life into a general list, so I’m just gonna share some photos from my tour in Japan with Ant’lrd and my mystery friend, who is also an artist I love and respect very much.


Before kicking the photos off, I’d like to link a few albums, stuff that feels related to the tour:


Ant’lrd’s “Cherubian,” which we released on Moss Archive this year:

Bastian Void’s “Adapter,” which was released on Japanese label, birdFriend:

Bastian Void / Ant’lrd tour split, which was released on Japanese label Muzan Editions:

Takahiro Mukai’s “Superficial Vein,” which we released on Moss Archive

Endurance’s “Heteros,” which we released on Moss Archive. This guy runs Muzan Editions:

Equip / Bastian Void / R23X / Ant’lrd in Vancouver

We arrived in Akihabara on a warm night!

First bowl of ramen…
First show of tour… Halloween night in Shibuya

In the elevator up to 7th Floor
Ant’lrd Live at 7th Floor
Sharing the stage with FOODMAN:

Group shot with Takahide a.k.a 食品まつり a.k.a foodman

Kazuma, our tour manager, on the balcony outside 7th Floor… (someone at the show had weed. A rare treat in Japan!)
Halloween night in Shibuya! It’s no joke.

Colin – gachapon king!

Rocked the Dodonpachi machine above Super Potato in Akihabara.

Kanda River, Tokyo
DJ Dirty Dirt (professional tape enthusiast) at FORESTLIMIT in Tokyo
A true punk basement in Japan. Cigarette cave.
Bar Bonobo in Harajuku. We played that chillout room up top.
A video from that night:

Epic night.
H. Takahashi live at Bonobo
BEEP – Vintage PC Game store in Akihabara.. utterly amazing.

The best arcade in Akihabara.
Figurine Fever! Nakano Broadway in Tokyo

Best sushi of my life in a small residential neighborhood in Tokyo.
Setting up at HARMONIE in Kanazawa

Lounging. Kanazawa. We had to write our order down in Kanji, which was quite tricky for us.
Amazing game bar in Kanazawa called Hello World.
View from our hostel balcony in beautiful Kanazawa.
Shochu on the roof in Osaka.
Urbanguild in Kyoto
Cyberpunk alleyway in Kyoto
Pre-show food quest in the streets Kyoto at night.
Endurance live at Urbanguild.
Takahashi Hattori live at Urbanguild! Amazing AV set.
With Takahashi Hattori – incredible composer!

Quiet temple atop Mt. Ikoma

Endurance. Urban explorer extraordinaire! On the Ikoma Shrine stairway.
Streets of Osaka
Subarine bar. Totally silent inside, save for the whirring of ventilation fans. Cyberpunk af. Best Gin & Tonic of my life.
Nerding out with YPY (birdFriend Tapes)
Last show of tour…
Takahiro Mukai
7FO – dub master
Our last bowl of Ramen, back in Tokyo. Best bowl of the entire tour!

Thanks to all my friends who helped make this tour a success!

Colin (Ant’lrd), Equip, Kazuma Sasajima, Josh (Endurance, Muzan Editions), Hino (birdFriend, YPY), Dan Meyer, Chris Konopka for the tour visuals, Mark Junker, Takahiro Mukai, 7FO, H. Takahashi, Chuck Soo-Hoo, Yung Hirai, KATO at Forestlimit, and Takahide aka Foodman!

Here’s my ten favorite videogames I snagged while in Japan:



Kiki Kaikai

Umihara Kawase

Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 2 – Karakuri Land

Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting

Guardian Heroes

Gunner’s Heaven

Ninja Jajamaru-kun


Also a huge shoutout to everyone who I played with and everyone who helped me out in 2017!

That includes Tim Davison (Prone, Moon Villain), Keith Rankin, Mark McGuire, Stany (Euglossine), Peter Tran (Curved Light), Eabia, Joe Mygen, John Brown (World Cup), Kevin Greenspon, Mickey O’Hara, Abdul Sherzai, Ryan Kayhart, Peter Seligman, Lee Tindall (Belarisk), my neighbors: Nick, Brian + Marg, and my badass partner Shawna.

Finally, here’s a clip of FOODMAN playing in my room this summer:

ありがとう ございます

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