VID PREMIERE: JOBS – “Rhythm Changes”


It is a little bit difficult to write something that might match, complement or even accompany the absolutely amazing song JOBS is releasing here. The first time I heard “Rhythm Changes” I listened to it so many times that it totally melted into my memory. It brought so much awe and wonder into my world. The song is a world. Listening to it feels like traveling to a new place. Or like having a lot of ice inside you playfully melted (there’s that word again—what is it about “Rhythm Changes” and melting?) away, until you are smiling and carried away in the controlled chaos and masterful wackiness. Listening more dials you further into the magical details JOBS wove into this song. What’s most remarkable, to me at least, is the way each section builds up and bursts into the next one. That and everything else about it. JOBS’ energy is incredible and auratic. The band’s universe is one to endlessly explore. “Rhythm Changes” is off the new album from JOBS, killer BOB sings.

-Tyler Patterson

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