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JK Flesh – Rise Above


Flagrantly nasty, this new JK FLESH record just may be the ultimate sewage techno record; one that freaks in Providence and Cleveland would proudly raise as their own.
RISE ABOVE comes from (lil’ ol’ leavin’) England though of course, via the man behind GOD FLESH, TECHNO ANIMAL, and JESU, Justin Broadrick. JK FLESH is yet another project from Broadrick, one of the most prolific* artists working in the industrial/ extreme music realm. The project dates back to 2012, when the first JK FLESH record, POSTHUMAN, came out. The four on the floor has been fully embraced by Broadrick as JK FLESH in the time since that record came out though. RISE ABOVE is the culmination of this embrace. Vocal-less, undulating wave after wave of distortion blasted electronic pulse. A good soundtrack to a slo-mo scene of the Great Molasses Flood swallowing people alive, perhaps.

This is an overwhelming record. I truly believe that there are some people that would run from the sounds found on this record. It is thunderous, bombastic, and hypnotic. It’s really everything I wish for techno to be. Everything is blown out. There are layers to the post apocalyptic landscape of this music though, and that’s what makes it listenable over and over again. Once you get several listens in, your head spinning, you’ll start to see faces coming out of the walls of noise. “Swarm” is a favorite. This one gets INTENSE. The music is literally bristling. That bell, signaling the eye of the storm passing.

If you are willing to shed at least one layer of ear then you should get on listening to this posthaste. Out on Rotterdam’s quite sick ELECTRIC DELUXE label.

*One of the artists giving Justin Broadrick a run for his money would be Dominic Fernow, whom Broadrick shares a split LP with on the JK FLESH/ PRURIENT split.

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