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Jesus and The Kulis – “The Valentines Day Song”


The sweet, simple, and sing-songy tune, “The Valentines Day Song,” is the romantic brainchild of Jesus Vio (of BUFU rockers Free Pizza) and his band, The Kulis. The track appeared on Valentape: A Kissette Compilation vol. 1 benefitting Safe Harbor in Richmond, VA.

Vio supposedly wrote the song “while living at the Whitehaus on a lonely Valentine’s Day,” which makes sense considering the song is the musical equivalent of an affectionate daydream about your crush. And with lyrics like And all the girls in the magazines / might look so pretty / but they’re not her / and I want her / touching my body, it’s clear there’s just one girl on Vio’s mind.

Everything about the one minute and 20 second track, from its music to the lyrics to the accompanying video, is charmingly simplistic—an indie ballad for the unfussy girl. The video features dancer Shade Théret in an unadorned, blue dress dancing in a staggered, yet melodic manner, as if putting the awkwardness of first love into movement. As natural light pours in over Théret, you can’t help feel the comforting warmth that comes with the sudden blush you get when your love walks by.

Jesus and the Kulis take all the little idiosyncrasies that come with falling in love and bundle them into a beautifully choreographed love letter—one you could only hope to be on the receiving end of.

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