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JERRY PAPER is a guy that has been written about a lot here on the Hassle. HERE, and even HERE for instance. His pop is of an uncanny variety. Effects laden guitar, otherworldly synth (on this latest album, of a pre-set keyboard sound realm). Funk that has eaten itself, gorged itself; JERRY PAPER’s music is the inevitable resulting vomit. When my dumb and majestic cat King Tubby next throws up all the food that he just Garfielded, I will call it a JERRY PAPER.

“Hey Meg, I’m in the middle of eating, and Tubby just JERRY PAPER’d, can you clean it up?”
“Ok, I’ll get it, just let me put down my sandwich.”

This is serious pop music that JERRY PAPER makes. It’s dressed up in the aural equivalent of girl’s wearing high waisted jeans, but it’s got depth, it’s got bounce, and it’s in my head quite deeply. God loves crooners. God loves JERRY PAPER. Hell, gods love JERRY PAPER. I love JERRY PAPER. What’s not to love? ORANGE MILK put out BIG POP FOR CHAMELEON WORLD a month or so ago. It is Mr. Paper’s 5th or 6th release, marking a shift to using digital synths from his earlier use of their arch nemesis, analog synths. 14 bent pop songs deep, summery, and sickly. If you buy the vinyl record you will also receive “Dr. Javier Genneheigen’s Chameleon World” computer game! I’m into it.

I have chosen “Chameleon World” as a representative of BIG POP FOR CHAMELEON WORLD.  Smooth electro-funk that shimmers as it gently repulses. Inter-dimensional lyrical concepts aside, I’m going to say we have a nod to WHITE ZOMBIE going on here, trapped within a crystallized molecular vortex of nerd pop. Maximum weird-ed pop as spewed by a prolific son of 2014. Invite this man into your heart and mind. He WILL treat you right. At least at first.

Another NEW FACT for those with a HASSLE FEST 6 on the mind!!!!! JERRY PAPER shall also be joining us @ HASSLE FEST 6. Performing on saturday 11/8. More details to come, but be sure to tell your awkward pop loving miscreant pals!!!!!!!!!!
HASSLE FEST 6 FB EVENT if you are so inclined.

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