Jeffrey Gallagher, Unfortunately – The Battle of Love

It's been wonderful sitting alongside this strange stream of sound.


The prolific Mr Gallagher is here. He’s there as well. And I grabbed THE BATTLE OF LOVE from the undulating stream of creation that springs forth from Mr. Gallagher and the stream broke momentarily, but then immediately returned to its usual way, and Mr. Gallagher to his.

Sickly Americana floats like insidious looking, but in reality harmless, foam down the stream of the afternoon. The mouth of the stream is of course back beyond the barbed wire fencing on the property of the nuclear power plant. The death of LA Woman thankfully. Whenever there is toxic waste, there too are THE DOORS, and today we recorded our first casualty of the expedition.

This is overwhelming (in a good way) folk music. There’s probably even some who would be underwhelmed. I say “Fuck Em!” “Hiding In My House” is the clear single and funky on the way out.

“Leanoxic” is some sorta extra-dimensional passed through the veil version of early Pavement. Or maybe I’m just tired cuz I did just get out of work. Then things get noisy and then worse, and then a little better.

Someone has a bad cough, kind of worrisome in these times. And we’re back.. This album was released by FERBES LIBRARY RECORDS which is something of a vanity label. Mr. Gallagher also runs TICKED OFF TAPES which does some good damage in our underground. Jeffrey Gallagher is NOT Alto Jeffro . He is however THE PENILE WORMS. And lord knows what else.

And now a couple questions w/ the man:

what is your recording/creation process like?

recording/creation process is simple- i usually start with me strumming the guitar playing the same melody for 2 or 3 weeks—- then i start to write poems—– and then i start to experiment with words over the melody- i always record the first take- if theres one thing ive learned when i record my music- is that when my voice is recorded too clear- it sounds out of key—– its why i have to do lo fi stuff—– i just cant sing————

how would you describe your music making philosophy, if you have one to describe?

my music making philososphy? is there is no wrong answers— most albums ive recorded in a day—— sometimes i work on 30 second loops and then string em all together like a collage —–Thats what i did for The Penile Worms albums——- i think all music is valid— all expression is good—— i think people are way too hard on themselves—-if i have a superpower—its that i dont edit——- i dunno —– something magickal about that first take

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