2017 Year Enders

Jeff Gallagher’s Year Ender


jeff gallagher, fka alto jeffro now  in bridge of flowers, i run small cd and tape label ticked off tapes, do a weekly radioshow on wmcb greenfield…… .  ….heres some things i liked this year:

1. FAKE BAND NAMES , i do it endlessly , my co workers too thinking of band names is a good way to pass the time, or have a laugh  , heres some from this year:  BROWSER HISTORY, PERSIMMON SLIP, PURSE LEMONS, OSCAR MEYER LEMONS, ALF IN CHAINS, SCOTT STAPP INFECTION………….

2.  the steamrollers,… ben herseys bar rock band, cool daddios playing dudes from dracut, seriously tho  “i am the gardener” is pure pop bliss, and i listen to it on repeat,  BEN HERSEY inspires me so much …the way hes been using his own name for various performance art pieces, his novel, his bah rock band, to me  he blurs  the  reality of character  and who he really is   …endlessly interesting…… releasing a live cd of thiers soon on ticked off tapes.

3. VIEWER @ 13TH FLOOR 9.28.2017.

4. :”LADY BIRD” .i rarely get out to the movies, but i did one day and i saw “lady bird”…  i give this movie 3 cries, and i rate movies in cries.

5. DOG PORTRAITS,  decided to have some portraits painted of my dog, i figured it was a cool way to support an artist, the two i had done came out great and didnt cost much, one artist had a spike in dog portraits after posting pictures of mine online neat0.

 the pic where dog looks like a seal pose sorta was by albert gray. the other ones were by kiersten mulcare

6.  LINKIN PARK MOBILE … see this thing around greenfield, im always like WTF!?!?! i have so many questions and no logical way to get answers.

7.   FDOME . was lucky enough to have played a few.shows with fdome this year, also lucky enough to have got invited to some fdome practices, which went on every thursday night 4ever , one of the practices there was a photographer there , snapping photos….we found some grooves and danny sang so free, with so much power, his howl and his words cutting right thru you.. i am not gonna try to scratch the surface of what a great loss this is to music, the valley, his family.ans his friends, dannys light shined so bright, we should all feel grateful for getting to be around it.

8.  TARP l.p.

9.    ASSEMBLY OF NEED “etched ro response”

10.  ROD STEWART “YOUNG TURKS”  this song can cure depression , if u get up and dance, or watch louie barletta’s part in bag of suck.

11. steely dan   STEELY DAN 4 EVER.

12.  ROEDELIUS “wenn der sudwind weht”

13. owen manure …what more can I say about owen manure, so glad JAckie told me to hang out with him, owens my fav songwriter, he has heartbreaking country songs like “lay down in my bed” and then this new kinda goth doom blues song he did with his band the other day, it blew my fkn mind, owen is 70s punk, owen got lost to the sands of time,  owen is  and can only be owen.  its an honor to call him a friend.


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