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Scenes From The Grocery, the debut 12” from Calgary’s Janitor Scum, feels like a companion record to Urochomes’ Get In Line 4 Mental Decline. Both projects channel the metallic, clamorous post-punk of Chrome – yet while Urochromes continually push their music towards the industrial, Janitor Scum finds a demented Lumpy Records-ified version of new wave buried inside Chrome. That description, however, doesn’t even begin to do justice to Janitor Scum. Scenes From The Grocery finds the project moving in new directions with every song. The mad dash from post-punk to punk to pop to new wave to a lo-fi quasi-noise rock channels The Fall – a band whose off-kilter eclecticism never seems to be far from Janitor Scum’s mind. “Vacuum Rebuilder,” a lo-fi poppy jammer with a buried vocal melody, could be a lost track from a Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club comp. The collapsing, discordant banger “The Jogger Man” arguably takes the sonic assault its furthest into abstraction, evoking the apocalyptic Jandek classic, “The Electric End.” None of this is to say that Janitor Scum is simple pastiche, but that the project creates a unified sound while being messy, sprawling, and diverse. For Lumpy fans, this record is a great companion to their roster but the one-woman madness that is Janitor Scum feels like a true oddity amongst bands with a calculated sense of the weird.

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