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Jahiliyya Fields — Galcit


Just in the nick of time Jahiliyya Fields is back with that eccentric techno that I have come to DESIRE. The New Yorker has been leaning hard into that zone of electronic dance music where the blades of the techno lawnmower meet the flesh of rhythmic noise. The scene gets messy, but cover me in noise blood, I like it, and it moves me.

So far all of the man’s recordings have come out via LONG ISLAND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS (L.I.E.S.), and we here have expressed our love for these releases before. And the time has come to do so once again. GALCIT arrives as the first long player from this always interesting electronic artist (who moonlights as half of INHALANTS who you may recall positively slaying at last year’s Hassle Fest 6). Absolutely spilling over with crusty syncopation, relentless bass drums, and glitching synthesizers this is true far end weirdo techno for the lot who like to wallow in unique takes on body moving.

“Clear Collar” is a banging master of my evening, thudding bass following every move I make while attempting to navigate the corridors most peculiar of the JF vision of night. “Lovegiver C.B.” transfixes via the other end of the spectrum completely. An almost ambient synth led trip across an industrial landscape; John Carpenter soundtracks do not live far from here. Broadening his spectrum further and further afield with each new release JAHILIYYA FIELDS seems to be able to alchemize all manner of electronic music to fit into his never failing, always intriguing stew. I mean, check out the frothing arpeggio of a backbone of “Abenlander”! Tell me this guy doesn’t have the ability re-contextualize the old (and newer) tools of electronic dance music successfully, and seemingly at his whim. Amazing sounds as I’ve come to depend on from this artist, and from this label. Dig deeply into GALCIT, incredible sounds at each and every turn.

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