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Jacob Turnbloom — Reborn Boys


Mrs. Magician is a surf-pop band from San Diego whose 2012 record Strange Heaven caught on with hooks through a jangly take on pop and rock. Certain lines from that record would pause your head bobbing for a second to think about what exactly you’re singing along too. Jacob Turnbloom is still the guitarist and lead singer of Mrs. Magician, but he is also releasing a solo 7” via Thrill Me Records that picks up on the vibes originally laid down by the band.

While on Mrs. Magician the big line taken away was “there is no god (la, la, la),” on his solo work Turnbloom is singing “I don’t ever feel anything anymore.” Strip “Reborn Boys” of it’s poppy pep and this sentiment comes across as tragic. The words exist within the music, though, so we need to remember the backing. There is the twinkling guitar work, tight rhythms, and revelatory synth lines. It is the synth line that gives the lyrics an anthemic facelift through their dedication to fun. Instead of falling into a melancholy pastiche the not ever feeling anything anymore becomes a battle cry. No feelings towards the compliments just like no feelings towards the hate. Forget the expectations for a rock band. Forget how coming from San Diego makes every record be described as surf rock. Forget how Turnbloom is originally from Washington and how he should be pigeonholed into grunge rock.

As Turnbloom plays out the track each lyric is repeated piling atop one another. The refrain of “I don’t ever feel anything anymore” punctuates each repeated lyric, but instead of pulling the pile together this refrain only adds to the collage creating the feeling of madness winning over the track. The battle cry is cracking under the pressure of confronting too many stimuli. Just when it seems Turnbloom and the listeners are completely losing the thread, Turnbloom’s voice fades out and all we hear is the synth line. As seriously as we try to dive into music because of those feelings we feel or don’t ever feel anymore, Turnbloom is reminding us that rock is fun.

Jacob Tunrbloom solo 7” is due out May 19th through Thrill Me Records.


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