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Izzy True — “Absolute Troll”


I have ruined many things by dropping them on the floor. I can only hope that one of these days my ruined garbage comes to life and tries to help me do things like my taxes and pop zits, as is envisioned in the latest video for the newest addition to the Don Giovanni team, Izzy True. Isabel Reidy—songwriter, comic book maker, and embroiderer extraordinaire from central New York’s Trumansburg—fronts Izzy True in her latest iteration of cartoon-and-comic-guided, dreamy, folk-inspired pop (à la Michael Hurley). In “Absolute Troll,” Reidy likens herself to a squirming worm, a piece of rotten fruit, and a troll. The video—by Vrinda Jagota, Avani Pisapati, and Daniel Torres—also plays with the theme of disgust and repulsion. The song itself, though, is sweet as ever. Reidy’s gentle voice keeps your ears engaged even if your stomach can’t take it. There is something valuable and worthwhile in these gross things. Maybe take a second look at that rotting bag of spinach before you trash it.

The first EP from Izzy True is available now at the Don Giovanni online store, or at a show. Izzy True comes to Boston on July 4 to play with Try Again, the Dazies, and Weird Medicine. @ Great Scott, $7, 18+

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