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Introducing: The Dig Box Office

Your Scam-Free, Monopoly-Free Guide to Scoring Local Tickets



You read right: The Boston Hassle will be promoting events through Dig’s brand spankin’ new Box Office Site.

“How boujee, how capitalist, how ELIZABETH HOLMES’ dweeby little black turtleneck of you,” you must think.

Not to worry, dear reader, I promise we’re still heavily swerving mainstream from head to toe.

Our pals at The Dig created an incredibly intuitive and well-constructed box office site. Essentially, it makes purchasing show tickets as easy as being too lazy to purchase an AC unit this summer; all whilst continuing to sweat feverishly every night and day. I swear, just as easy, without the sweat.

But I think the natural appearance of this site comes to illuminate the inherent power of (sub)culture and local fringe artists. The art has an immense capacity to evolve and dares lives in the peripheral of any single definition. It is simultaneously immortal and impermanent – seemingly suspicious but thriving.

“Underground” culture can only be defined as hard to find in relation to greedy conglomerates ready to stuff media down our throats. Plenty of mainstream (read: backed or well-funded) artists are super talented and all but that’s not the point. The point is, as local media, we’re not here to make underground culture less accessible in the name of some un-attributed namesake. We’re here to stake our ground where it lays and, on a less ambiguous note, to support conscious culture.

Boston Hassle has the phenomenal opportunity to share our world with others here (not that we won’t be screaming at the top of our lungs on our other social platforms too). Complete with whole-ass descriptions, dates, times, locations, and detailed lineups, check out our upcoming shows on Dig’s Box Office Site.

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