TV FREAKS are a brash garage punk band from our northerly neighbor Canada. They took a second from their exstenive touring to share a little insight about the state of DIY music scene in their parts. Catch them TONIGHT in Allston with Nice Guys, CHARLIE and Black Beach at The Womb!

Boston Hassle: So you’re from Hamilton. What’s it like there, with the music scene specifically? In Boston it’s pretty cyclical, sometimes there are a lot of show spots popping up and sometimes there’s nothing going on. Are there house shows in your neighborhood?

TV Freaks: Hamilton is a small(er) industrial city constantly put in the shadow of Toronto. Musically right now it seems to be really strong. There’s a handful of killer hard-working bands that are carving it out for themselves, plus new shit continually keeps popping up. Younger kids are getting exposed to cooler stuff with AA punk shows happening at least once a month (organized by the fine folks at Schizophrenic Records). Again, it’s the same bullshit with every city. Things wax and wane. More people than not still prefer to listen to garbage and like-minded-folks like us are trying to keep it real in a sea of mediocrity. In terms of house shows, there was a really cool space called The Retirement Home that recently just closed. I’m sure another one will pop up soon.

BH: Whats your favorite hometown spot to play at?

TVF: There’s a few good spots in town. Doors Pub is a cool little space — it’s like you’re playing in the living room of a Victorian mansion. But it’s directly above a dive bar.

BH: We love Teenanger!! How was playing the first leg of your tour with them?

TVF: It was real cool time. Teenanger are a killer band from Toronto. Absolutely depraved chuckleheads, much like ourselves.

BH: What band are you guys excited to play with, coming up?

TVF: Estrogen Highs, Nervosas, Smooth Brain, Fuck You Pay Me, and Nice Guys (cause I hear they’re nice guys).

BH: You’ve got a 7″ dropping in June, what else is in the works for TV Freaks?

TVF: Yeah, we have a three-song 7” coming out this June on Hosehead Records outta Toronto. We have some songs recorded for 2 other 7”s that will surface eventually. Probably start working on the next LP this summer, and hopefully some other cool shit surfaces before we inevitably throw in the proverbial towel.

BH: If you could review your own body of work, how would you summate it in three words?

TVF: It’s been fun.


5/28 – New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine w. Estrogen Highs, Worn Leather
5/29 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium w. Downtown Boys, Arm Candy
5/30 – TBA
5/31 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w. Ladder Devils, Prophet Said I, Die Choking
6/01 – Pittsburgh, PA @ The Rock Room (Matinee) w. Submachine
6/02 – Columbus, OH @ 15th Haus w. Nervosas
6/03 – Cleveland, OH @ Club Atlantis (Now That’s Class) w. Fuck You Pay Me, Smooth Brain
6/12 – Ottawa, ON @ Ottawa Explosion
6/15 – Toronto, ON @ Smiling Buddha w. Needles//Pins, Low Culture, Nervosas

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