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Baltimore-based duo ED SCHRADER’S MUSIC BEAT have stirred up quite a bit of positive attention across many state lines over the past few years, touring doggedly behind their first LP, ‘Jazz Mind,’ and their most recent Infinity Cat Recordings release, ‘Party Jail’. With a driving blend of post-punk explosions and smooth, Bowie-informed slow-burners, these two get to to the root of your melodic and rhythmic inclinations. In fact, they revere those inclinations, creating a ritualistic vibe of fun-loving worship with Ed’s usual lone, lit-up floor tom providing the proper ambiance for such an intimate, intense performance.

Thankfully, all you Bostonians will have the awesome opportunity to catch ED SCHRADER’S MUSIC BEAT on August 2nd at Lilypad in Cambridge with DC’s CHAIN AND THE GANG – for Hassle Night no less! To help smooth over your excitement, take a moment to read this conversation we had with Ed Schrader himself via email as he prepares to hit up our city and many others on the duo’s current tour.

BOSTON HASSLE: You came through Boston not too long ago to play with SKIMASK, GONDOLIERS, and (NE) PATRIOTS. What’s changed in the world of ED SCHRADER’S MUSIC BEAT since that show went down a little over a month ago?

ED SCHRADER: Well, we have a new single, “Laughing” – I should unpack that a bit cause it’s not “all ” new – the B Side “Bedouin Tramps” is the thing that’s new! So it’s newish – a little sparse dance number to help you beat the heat! I love singles – It’s old school man.

BH: Your new record, ‘Party Jail,’ adds some new percussion elements to the mix without crowding the directness of the melodies and rhythms. Was it difficult to decide where to add things versus where to stick with just the floor tom, or did those types of decisions just fall into place for the most part?

ES: We jammed with Jeremy Hyman and if it stuck we went with it – if it felt like a one drum number we left it alone. The non-ragers tended to flesh out better with a full set.

BH: How did you guys come to choose Machines with Magnets in Pawtucket, RI as your location for the recording of ‘Party Jail’?

ES: We recorded our Sub Pop stuff there and it felt right – which is rare for me – I’m picky. It feels like you’re right at home there. It’s a great space and they really let you do your thing but know when to step in with good input.

BH: You’ve collaborated with a few different people in the studio, including Matmos, Randy Randall of No Age, and most recently, Jeremy Hyman of Ponytail, Dan Deacon, and Boredoms. Is there anybody else you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

ES: Dan Deacon / Brian Eno

BH: Having toured pretty extensively since the release of your first LP, ‘Jazz Mind,’ how would say your local music and/or arts scene in Baltimore compares to that of other cities?

ES: Each city is like a meatball – all meatballs are pretty good – Baltimore is a damn good meatball – but we must be sure to not sit on our laurels and we should treat touring bands the way we’d want to be treated. Feed them/house them/and be aggressive with that donation bucket !! (;

BH: What do you guys have planned for ED SCHRADER’S MUSIC BEAT after this tour ends?

ES: More tours and the next album.

So make your way to the Lilypad on 8/2 if you want to catch some bouncey, bare-bones post-punk from one of Baltimore’s finest duos! Here are some kind closing remarks from Ed to the city of Boston: “Boston we love you – thanks so much for all your love and support – you guys really raise our spirits and give us the fuel to get through the rough times!”

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