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BUCK GOOTER are a transcendent rock duo from Harrisonburg, Virginia. They are Terry Turtle on guitar and singing and Billy Bratt on singing, theremin and other various electronic detritus. With nearly twenty releases on various micro imprints spanning Western Mass to Germany (and a two-part youtube documentary entitled ‘What Da Hell?’) the duo has toured consistently over the past nine odd years and earned a modest cult status within the freak community and the underground’s realest illuminati. The band has a new record in the can called THE SPIDER’S EYES which will be coreleased by Northampton’s FEEDING TUBE and Louisville’s SOPHOMORE LOUNGE. I enjoyed the privilege of flinging a few flagrant inquiries at their facilities.


Boston Hassle: For the uninitiated, what is Buck Gooter? Why is Buck Gooter? 


Billy Bratt: Buck Gooter is a primal industrial blues band from Harrisonturd, Va consisting of Terry Turtle and Billy Brett. We exist to play and write songs at regular intervals for ourselves. Sometimes we share performances with others.

Terry Turtle: Buck Gooter is the Imp of dissatisfaction   it is there to  simply rage, we both have  quite a bit of that to share. 


BH: There is a singularity to your music: it exists in it’s own sphere and plays by it’s own rules which are somewhat rigid, at least sonically. Do you ever feel limited by this? 


BB: No.

TT: I am only limited by  the expectations of the foolish, music should always be outside the box or in our case under  it.


BH: What makes a great performer? When did you know you were a performer, writer, artist, whatever?


BB: I have no theory as to why other people think things are “great”. I’ve never been able to understand why people like the things they like. I have a better time understanding why I like the things I like. I think there’s a lot to be said for having the confidence to do something in a world of nothing. Maybe I respond to that confidence with “that’s great” as long as the product of the confidence resonates with me in some way. I’ve always been a performer. I’m an alien on this planet performing as a human. Nothing about the human race makes any sense to me.

TT: That shit doesn’t matter to me, I’ve been writing lyrics, tunes for 35 years, awarded greatness tends to grate the soul and heart, at least mine.. 


BH: What is the most exciting thing in your life right now? The scariest thing? Do these zones intersect?


BB: My personal life is the answer to this.

TT: a new recording, a new band of friends are exciting to me and I’m afraid my guitar will quit  letting me fuck it as my age advances. 


BH: Where do you keep your love?


BB: Close.

TT: I love Buck  Gooter,Buck Gooter is gold in the ocean of life


Buck Gooter will play Boston this Saturday 10/18 at the Midway Cafe in JP on 10/18 w/ Guerilla Toss, Oneida and Neptune. RSVP HERE.


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