It is hard to believe from the five hyper-retro songs on Indian Twin’s self-titled EP that this is a band just getting their start. Using a faultless formula of jangly pop songs from the 50’s and 60’s, the band made a handful of sunny songs that have the spirit and energy of the expert musicians that they are inspired by. Don’t let that neat production fool you, though; Indian Twin still have a bit of ruggedness, putting some garage rock grunge into their pop songs. That comes out in the guitar, which mixes a jingling old-fashioned style with a fuzzier, punk sound. The vocals by Soubhik Barari play with the same balancing act, to some extent mimicking the distinctive vocal styles of vintage sounding music, but at time reaching points that are more growling and intense. Those vocal moments that are a little rougher give the music a contemporary edge, but at all times the songs remain lined with retro touches, and there are still old-fashioned “oohing” vocal harmonies set behind. It works, and the band has managed to piece together a distinctive sound by delving into the 60’s rock and pop history books. Sometimes the bands that are unafraid to take inspiration from what has already been done end up creating something unique and new. Throw in charming lyrics about love and carnivals and other colorful subjects, and the band is creating some serious crafty pop songs.  Surfy, bluesy, and jangly, hopefully this album is just the first minutes of fun retro sounds to come from from Indian Twin.

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